I've been an artist my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved creating and dreaming up projects. In elementary school, I was parked at the kitchen table with a drawing pad and markers always nearby. Middle school was spent hosting fake radio shows, making mixtapes (on actual cassette tapes) and taking friendship bracelets to all new levels. In high school, I began taking pictures and teaching myself web design and jewelry-making. After a couple years at USC, I changed my career course and by the time I turned 21, I was doing a brief stint as an intern for Grand Royal Records (Beastie Boys) in Glendale and working as a skate tech/women's buyer for Atomic Garage. Eventually I found myself going to art school for fashion design right about the same time Myspace went live and with that I was designing and running pages for bands.

After a few years of refining my coding skills and graduating from doing glitter .gif backgrounds to building full-scale websites, I was able to work on my own as a freelance designer. Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with hundreds of artists, actors, musicians, magicians, dentists, doctors, clothing brands, real estate firms, and tech companies, and my works have been published in various print formats, albums, online in media outlets worldwide and even tattooed.

When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm usually up to my ears in jewelry components, out seeing a band play or at the ArcLight being a movie nerd or chasing my cat around the house taking pictures of her.



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